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Fastline Fast Track

Apr 23, 2021

On this episode, we hear about a rebound in the pork market after a tumultuous 2020. We also hear why now might be a good time to consider planting sunflowers. Potato growers raise concerns about Mexico’s USMCA obligations, EPA head says no imminent changes coming to waterway rules and the USDA’s National Agricultural Classification survey is coming. Daryl Theis from CLAAS talks about the fuel efficiency of the manufacturer’s equipment and a sweepstakes that aims to put money back into the pocket of one lucky producer. Jesse Allen discusses a bullish week in the grain markets and Ray Bohacz talks battery acid in this week’s “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of traditional country music singer/songwriter Dave Wilbert, as well as a tribute to traditional country star Dawn Anita.

Time stamps

Dawn Anita dedication: 1:28

Pork outlook with Dr. Scott Brown, University of Missouri: 2:48

USMCA troubles with Mark Szymanski, National Potato Council: 4:48

Sunflower market potential with Karl Esping, National Sunflower Association: 5:57

Waterway rules and USDA survey: 8:30

Chandler Equipment advertisement: 10:16

Daryl Theis, CLAAS: 10:47

World Ag Expo advertisement: 16:16

Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 16:45

Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 22:59

Dave Wilbert: 24:19

Dawn Anita tribute/outro: 1:13:43