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Fastline Fast Track

Feb 25, 2021

On this episode, Tom Vilsack is sworn in to reprise his role as U.S. ag secretary, Sen. Chuck Grassley says much work remains for ethanol after EPA sides with 10th Circuit and former USTR Chief Ag Negotiator Gregg Doud talks about the future of U.S. ag exports. CME Group’s Erik Norland and Blu Putnam discuss the biggest market influencers of 2021 and Troy Hadrick of the Certified Agriculture Dealerships provides an update on the Ag Pack program. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Kirstie Kraus.

Time stamps

Tom Vilsack news: 1:28

Sen. Chuck Grassley: 245

Gregg Doud: 4:32

Erik Norland and Blu Putnam, CME: 6:26

Chandler Equipment advertisement: 9:43

Troy Hadrick, Certified Agriculture Dealership Program: 10:13

World Ag Expo advertisement: 17:37

Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 18:05

Ray Bohacz, Bushels and Cents: 24:56

Kirstie Kraus, 26:20