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Fastline Fast Track

Dec 24, 2020

This episode features music artists American Blonde, Rich Price, Dani-Elle Kleha, Johnny & The Mongrels, Paige King Johnson, Taylon Hope, Scott Southworth, Annemarie Picerno, J.D. Shelburne, JP Pennington and Exile and John Berry share favorite Christmas memories and their original music.


Time stamps

Chandler Equipment advertisement: 0:00

American Blonde: 1:34

Rich Price: 9:26

Dani-Elle Kleha: 15:45

Johnny & The Mongrels: 25:55

Paige King Johnson: 40:59

Taylon Hope: 51:26

Scott Southworth: 1:01.34

Annemarie Picerno: 1:23.27

J.D. Shelburne: 1:34.33

JP Pennington/Exile: 1:44.11

John Berry: 1:57.15