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Fastline Fast Track

Mar 28, 2019

Episode 7 of Fastline Fast Track features conversations with representatives of John Deere and Michelin about some of their latest innovations for the farm. It also features a discussion about spring sprayer preparation with Greg DeCramer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based C&R Supply and a recap of the 3i Show in Dodge City, Kansas. Exhibitors featured on the podcast include Ransom, Kansas-based Simpson Farm Enterprises Inc.; Dodge City-based Trojan Specialty Products; Montezuma, Kansas-based Ag Alert Inc.; Dallas-based Estes Performance Concaves; Lewis, Kansas-based Kenneth’s Sales & Service; St. Edward, Nebraska-based Big Iron Auctions; Colby, Kansas-based Golden Plains Ag Tech/Outback Guidance and Manhattan, Kansas-based HitchPin. We'll also take you to the legendary Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, for music from emerging country artist Ava Rowland.